Flexible Terminology – re-naming of Sprints and Epics is now possible in Jira Data Center.

Jira can be set up to support a variety of Agile Scaled Frameworks including SAFe, LeSS, Nexus etc.
By using some of these Agile Scaled Frameworks that are using different names for specific items, it can be, for some, very confusing to work in Jira.
In Jira it’s now possible to rename ”Sprint” and “Epic”, this is what Atlassian calls Flexible Terminology.

Flexible Terminology
Jira uses “Sprint” for the work done, by a Scrum team, in a typical 2 weeks cycle. Some of the Agile Scaled Frameworks use “Iterations”. Jira can now be configured to change the name to “Iteration”.

Jira uses “Epic” for the big task above the” Story”. Some of the Agile Scaled Frameworks the big-task above the “Story” is called a “Feature”. Jira can now be configured to change the name to “Feature”.

This can cause a lot of confusing while working with a Agile Scaled Frameworks and the technical implementation of Jira. Some of the confusion and frustration can be solved by changing the Jira “Sprint” to “Iteration” and “Epic” name to “Feature”, but not necessarily all.

Give us a call, if you want to know more on how to setup Jira for Agile Scaled Frameworks and how to mitigate some of the pitfalls when implementing.

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Atlassian Blog Link: Introducing flexible terminology for Jira Software Data Center

Published On: 10. september 2021