Atlassian Team ’21 takeaways

Here are some of the main takeaways from the Atlassian Team ’21 event.

The online Team ’21 event was a good experience with a lot of news from Atlassian.
All the videos is still available if you missed it

The Atlassian Cloud offerings is expanding in many ways and has got 60% faster over the last 6 month.

  • Cloud, New Enterprise Edition, offerings to suit the large business, included for now are Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence.
  • Cloud, available for 20.000 user, for all offerings.
  • Cloud, Data Residency is coming for all Cloud offerings and with more than one Data Residency in Europe.
  • Cloud, 2022 will include compliance standards, medical HIPAA Compliance and bank final service standards.
  • Cloud, Point A, an Atlassian program to create new products in collaboration with customers. Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, Team Central, Compass, Halp
  • Acquisition of Chartio, the chart App we already know, will now be part of Atlassian.
  • Cloud Automation, has many new features that saves you time by automating Reporting, Issue Creation, Closing Issues and adds Comments.
  • Team Play Book, has 6 new Remote Plays to help remote teams.

In more details

Atlassian Introducing Point A, “where good ideas become amazing products”

Point A is Atlassian’s program for bringing new products to life—and you’re invited to join us on the journey. Get early access to products in beta like Team Central, Jira Product Discovery, and Compass or try out products like Jira Work Management which is generally available today.
Provide candid feedback to our teams, and help build tools shaping the future of teamwork.

Get early access:

– Jira Work Management

With Jira Work Management, business teams will be able to move forward together with a single place to track, coordinate, and manage all aspects of their work with structure and consistency. With new functionality built for the unique needs of non-technical users, Jira Work Management enables teams such as marketing, HR, finance, and design to manage their projects and connect with their technical counterparts. With Jira as the backbone, work flows seamlessly across the organization. Jira Work Management is generally available today.

– Jira Product Discovery ALPHA

A new product management tool for agile teams. Jira Product Discovery helps product managers build what matters by serving as the place to capture insights and opportunities, prioritize impact, and engage teams around product plans. Jira Product Discovery is available as an early access alpha release today.

– Team Central

Team Central is the new organization’s connective tissue, helping teams connect and communicate progress as frequently and frictionless as modern work demands. It enables teams to create an organized home where they can track goals and share status updates. Team Central also provides a methodology that fosters a culture of openness, which enables teams to make more rapid progress against their goals. Team Central is available as a beta release today.

– Compass

Gives software development teams a bird’s eye view of the digital services across their organization, connecting engineering output with the teams that support it in a single, trusted place. Through Compass, development teams can manage the sprawl resulting from distributed architectures, improve their processes, and adopt better ways of working together. Compass will be available as an early access alpha release this week.

– Halp

Halp, a recently acquired product, is a modern ticketing help desk that seamlessly integrates with Slack and Microsoft teams, making request management conversational and delightful for everyone throughout an organization. It fits naturally with faster, more informal styles of managing internal requests, adding just the right amount of process to keep teams in sync and work flowing. Halp is available today.

Atlassian products updates.

– Open DevOps, Cloud

Open DevOps is a development experience built on Jira that makes a diverse development toolchain feel like an all-in-one. Software development teams need the best tools and technology to do their jobs well, and for many teams that means using tools from different vendors that aren’t well connected. Rather than taking on the complexity of integrating their favorite tools, development teams should focus on shipping value to their customers. The new pre-configured Jira project called “Open DevOps” combines Atlassian products and leading partner offerings, such as GitHub and GitLab. The tools in Open DevOps are automatically connected and ready to help customers take their idea from backlog to operational code.
More info:

– Acquisition of ThinkTilt, Cloud

Acquisition of ThinkTilt, maker of ProForma, by Atlassian will further boosted Jira Service Management with a no-code/low code form builder for Jira with 700+ customers worldwide. ThinkTilt lets IT teams create dynamic cascading forms within Jira that help them quickly spin up great service experiences for any team, delivering value fast.
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– Acquisition of Chartio, Cloud

Acquisition of Chartio, a cloud-based visualization and analytics solution has joined Atlassian. Chartio will enable Atlassian to provide better data visualization across Atlassian products and external data sources in one place.
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– Jira Service Management, Cloud

Jira Service Management is introducing a number of new features, including an embedded knowledge base, powered by Confluence, more portal customization options, and the ability to democratize service management by delegating administration permissions. All of these updates are designed to help IT power service management across an enterprise and enable every team to operate at high velocity.
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– Confluence update, Cloud

  • Inline comment in edit mode
  • In-editor templates in the right rail
  • Smart links – fully embed your files from other sites onto confluence pages
  • Page archiving + bulk archiving (bulk = Cloud premium)
  • Analytics (see who viewed your page for Standard) + page read time
  • Mobile: dark mode, inline comments, supports 18 languages, OAuth/SSO, login with FaceID, switch between sites
  • Release tracks (Cloud Enterprise)
  • Team Calendars (now a part of Cloud Premium)

For more information on any of the updates and products announced by the masterminds at Atlassian during Team’21, contact our team of experts.

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Published On: 10. maj 2021