Announcing an exciting new partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Condoctor ApS and Koncis ApS have merged our Atlassian Services.

This new strategy will propel us into the next stage of delivering Atlassian Service and accelerate our ability to help our customers.
Our Atlassian Service offerings will continue in the company Condoctor ApS.

This will strengthen our already deep knowledge of the Atlassian product portfolio and aswell as our position on the Scandinavian Atlassian Market as one of the most experienced Atlassian consultancies.

Our goal is to help our clients gain the most of the Atlassian product portfolio as seen from their reality.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our Atlassian competencies.

Best Regards.

Jakob F. Gormsen

Published On: 12. november 2020